school( 2-6 years old) 8:00~18:30

Number of applicants available for SY2018 (as of June 1st) —-– waitlisted (1 available after Sept)

  • Children from  2-6 years old

Number of applicants available for SY2019 (as of June 1st) —-– To be announced in fall, 2018. 

  • Children from  2-6 years old

after-school 15:30~17:00

A few students. Please contact the school at 06-6777-7320 for further information.

  • Children from age 2 -6 can apply for this school.
  • Our class is based on a mixed-aged program.
Mix-Aged groupingabout our schoolabout our afternoon program

Entrance Explanation / Trial Class

You are able to experience school life with our school students. Please click and select the date available to make contact.

Apply for Free Trial

Entrance Procedures

Applicant must participate in our experience class, while we will observe the child’s behavior about 60 mins, and school will have a consultation with the parent(s).

After the class, applicant is to fill in the application form and submit to the school within one week.

Once we informed you the acceptance to our school, we will send an invoice for the tuition. Your child’s admission will be formally recognized after this payment.

School Lunch

Three days of the week, we serve fresh-made organic vegetable lunch cooked by Renge-Shokudo which is directly operated by ‘ecospace-Yu’ (market) where they sell organic food.

Two days of the week, we serve vegetable sandwich lunch made by Carlton Tea House operated by Uemachi-Coffee.

Food education in early childhood gives great influence to their health in their future. Therefore, through serving high quality vegetable and fresh-made lunch, we expect children to increase sociability and to lead healthy life.

We do not have a system to support food for food-allergic children, therefore, we ask parent(s) to bring in child’s own lunch to school.

As for snacks, we serve all kinds of fruits, rice crackers, chestnuts, dried food, or rice balls. We do not serve snack confectioneries which may be unhealthy.

Food Education

Mid-term Enrollment

We can afford to take mid-term enrollment student when there is vacancy.

Please contact the school to make a reservation for a trial to experience school life with our school students. After observing our school, teachers and students and our activities, as well as your child’s reaction to them, please consider if our school is the one you are really willing to sign up for your child.

Contact the school

Annual calendar

Regular School Terms

  • 2017/04/03mon-2017/8/10thu
  • 2017/08/21mon-2017/12/25mon
  • 2017/01/09tue-2018/03/27tue

Special School Terms

  • 2017/07/24mon-2017/08/10thu, 08/21mon-09/01fri —– Summer School Program for outside participant students. For school student, there are no extra fee for this term.
  • 2017/12/26tue-2017/12/28thu —–Winter school, Extra fee for all students.
  • 2018/03/28thu-2018/03/30fri —–Spring school, Extra fee for all students.


Placement of teacher may change without informing in advance.  Please contact school if you need information.

Maximum nursing time will be from 8:00 to 18:30. We do not accept any more of extended nursery.

School Holidays

  • Saturdays
  • Sundays
  • Japanese Holidays
  • 2017/08/14mon-2017/08/18fri
  • 2017/12/29fri-2018/01/05fri

School Uniforms

We are preparing school uniform within 2018. But as for now, we do not have one.

Please attend school with clothes that can get dirty, and easy to take on and off.