We are a Protestant International school based in Osaka.
The name “Agape” comes from the Bible that means “unconditional love” or “Love of God” in Greek.

Our Mission

To love and educate children with Agape love. To build trust with parents bonded by Agape love.

That is our mission from God.

Our Concept

Our concept of education is based on the idea of the spiritual growth of children fulfilled with love of Agape, and for them to choose the life to serve others, and for them to live their life filled with love of Agape.

Our Goal

Our personality is formed in our infancy.  We put our earnest eyes on this fact as it determines the children’s lives.  Our goal is as follows:

Nurturing Rich Sensitivities

Even on rainy days, or cold days in midwinter, we set out to the park, and feel the breath of the plants and insects, listen to the sound of the breeze and the calling of the birds, and feel the changes of the seasons.  Every day we sing and dance to express the music both with our body and heart.  Daily story-telling time stimulate children’s sensitivities by hearing and perceiving the story and pictures.  We feel the season through eating Japanese lunch made with seasonal vegetables.

Acquiring English Proficient Enough to Foster Friendship

Sharing happy stories and hugging each other, shedding tears by sharing sad stories, getting upset by sharing stories that made them angry.  By showing sympathy to someone and expressing their feelings intuitively in English, they build up friendship.  This is how the children acquire high level English in their infancy.  If you are proficient enough to speak English, you can make many friends under any situation, help those who are in trouble, and call for help when you need help.  And you are sure to lead a prosperous life in the future.

 Nurturing Healthy Body and Mind 

 We guide our children to eat healthy, and build physical exercise habit, so that they can nurture a “Healthy Body”. We also guide the children to think and act responsibly to nurture their independent spirit. That will allow them to love themselves as who they are, and love others who they are. This, we call it having a “Healthy Mind”.