Our school

Agape International Preschool is a school which performs high level of English, daily outside play, and good food education to students, based on the spirit of Christianity.

We think the best time to acquire the basis of excellent character and high ability is in the infant age.  If they could build up the basis in their young age, they will be able to develop spiritually and academically through their life experience when they grow up.  I strongly hope that every student will be able to serve to others with their excellent character and high ability in life, and that they will grow up to feel fulfilled and love their life.

High level English

New English Learners will be able to speak in 6 months

Students older than 4 years-old can speak fluently
Learn to Speak English between Friends
Provide Highly Trained Staffs

Daily Outside Play

Touch and Feel Nature
Mud-play on Rainy Days
Big Park to Run Around
Playground Equipment for Every Stage of Age
Outside play

Good food education

Japanese Lunch made with Organic Vegetables (3 days a week)
Handmade Sandwich made with Organic Vegetables (2 days a week)
Snack with No Chemical Additives, Sugar, or Salt

(fruits, dried food, snack fish, rice crackers, milk, etc.)

Prayers of Thanks Before Meal and Fun Conversation
Our Food Education

Spirit of Christianity

Learn Love from the Bible
Praying for Family
Singing Worship Songs
Spirit of Christianity

Daily schedule

Agape International School provide a mixed-Age grouping class.
We believe that mixed-Age grouping is the best environment for children in their early stage.

about mixed-aged grouping

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having fun at school!